all hands on fret

March 2, 2009

all hands on fret, originally uploaded by the .matrix project.

Scott Manring joins Jim Avett (but those hands belong to Ray Morton and Jim Avett respectively) on stage at the February .matrix project at the Green Burro in Greensboro, NC.

Scott joined Jim on stage for a reprise of Mignonette, first recorded in 1973 when Jim was bent on being on a rock star. Jim’s sons, Seth and Scott, found the recordings and put one of the songs, “Signs,” on their album.

Jim and Scott played the song again, for the first time since 1973, for all the photographers and filmmakers to see. Video and live recording coming soon.

You can read about the show and watch for pics and the new “Signs” video on .matrix


Folk Alliance

February 18, 2009

Folk Alliance

Scooter and Laurelyn Dossett representing Greensboro in Memphis among the country’s best folk songwriters and singers.

Harvey’s Kitchen: Session 1 of 2

January 30, 2009

The man

Save the monkeywhale.

Audio live on

January 5, 2009

laurelyn dossett, rhiannon giddens & scott manring, originally uploaded by the .matrix project.

Scott accompanies two acclaimed singer songwriters and music historians in their own right. Switching around on a variety instruments and genres, you couldn’t exactly say Scott played second fiddle to either one of these ladies.

Listen and download for yourself. The live recording is uploaded on the .matrix LastFm channel.

Scott Manring – after concert

November 30, 2008

Scott Manring – after concert, originally uploaded by Molly McGinn.

In conjunction with Beautiful Star, we’re presenting some of the area’s best musicians in three concerts immediately following the Saturday 8:00 pm performances.

December 6: Riley Baugus, Joe Thrift and Laurelyn Dossett
December 13: Laurelyn Dossett, Molly McGinn and Scott Manring
December 20: Beaconwood

Concerts are free to ticket holders of that night’s performance, and $5 at the door for the concert alone.

That’s why people play music

November 20, 2008

That’s why people play music, originally uploaded by Molly McGinn.

Black and white

November 14, 2008

DSC_6921, originally uploaded by the dotmatrix project.

October 23, 2008, dotmatrixprojectat the Green Burro.

Behind the Blind Tiger on random Sunday nights

November 14, 2008

The band

November 10, 2008

The band

Bloody Blackbeard band, on set, and salty.

scott manring

October 29, 2008

scott manring, originally uploaded by the dotmatrix project.