A little something from the liner notes

October 14, 2008


If you squint, you can see Scott.

Two degrees of separation from the Avett Brothers
“Signs,” recorded with Avett Brother proud papa Jim Avett, in 1972 in an abandoned house off Friendly Avenue in Greensboro.

BR Boys

“They’ve attracted a crowd wherever they played because of their musicianship, the vintage instruments they play and a playlist they plucked from their 78 rpm record,” Jeri Rowe, News & Record

“Greensboro’s Big Bang Boom plays children’s music with a pop/rock sensibility”
Their first CD is partly a collection of songs that Folds began to sing to his son about seven years ago. Guest musicians on the album include Scott Manring, Tiger Butler, John Seagle and Britt “Snuzz” Uzzell.

Girl Trombone Player
Nancy McCracken’s record features standards from the 1920s through the 1950s, from jazz to blues to swing to Dixieland to the Big Band era. Although “Girl Trombone Player” is her first solo effort, she’s accompanied by musicians she’s played with for years including Scott Manring (guitar, banjo, mandolin), John Trotta (piano), her husband Jay (drums), and Scott Adair (saxophone) is featured on several tunes.
News & Record

BRUCE PIEPHOFF Sogni D’Oro Flying Cloud 050
Bruce’s 15th album. “He creates a solid backdrop to his writing with his own guitar and harmonica, but adds a touch of sophistication that pulls his sound together with Scott Manring on slide, dobro, octave mandolin and cavaquinho.”
News & Record


One Response to “A little something from the liner notes”

  1. Chuck Says:

    I wish I wish I wish I had that BR Boys CD – I was in school in Gbo from 1977-81, and heard them play every chance I could. Scott was a huge part of that scene – so many great musicians in one place during that period. Thanks for making this site for him!

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